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Buried Secrets

During geological surveys of mountainous regions, a large warehouse was discovered buried at the bottom of a ravine. The geological team has begun excavation in the attempt to gain access to the warehouse and determine its contents. It's location is missing on historical and current maps, and no know information points to who or why it was built.

Several corporations are in contest to lay claim, and other unsavory profiteers have gleaned it's location. You and your team have been contracted for the security of the excavation team and the site. As several other communiques from "interested partys" have rolled in as well.

Ghost in the Machine

Comstar communication "glitches" originate on a remote world, and begin replicating toward the inner sphere causing havoc. Most suspect electronic warfare, but could it be something more...something, sentient?

The longest game...

Medical advances have finally progressed to the point where it's possible for a person to be effectively immortal. If you can pay for it, and if no one kills you first. How will you try to grasp immortality? What will you sacrifice, and who will you betray in your quest for the ultimate goal. And remember - immortals have long memories and hold longer grudges.

A Hill To Die Upon

A world recently claimed by Davion, bitterly relinquished by Liao as the result of a hard-won treaty, is troubled by a fiercely independent native rebel guerrilla faction who were always a thorn in Liao's side during their rule. A Kurita MechWarrior, part of a retreating force meant to defend Liao's withdrawal, has taken it upon herself to defend a rebel stronghold from incoming Davion forces. The force she commands are few in number, piloting battle-damaged vehicles, but she will not accept surrender, defending the rebels to the last. The rebels have taken in her younger brother, also a MechWarrior under her command, and their doctor is tending to his extensive wounds; he lingers on the edge of life and death. In exchange, she has sworn to protect them from the planet's new overlords; if her brother recovers, she will have him leave, but she will stay. The PCs learn that a Davion force is rapidly incoming to their position - a MechWarrior known for committing war crimes in the past.

Aftermath of Green Cliffs

After a large battle claiming a decisive location, your battalion is sorting through your civilian prisoners. It comes to your attention that one is the child of rival house's lord and that they were left behind during the chaos. Enough older siblings have died since the start of the conflict that this child is now important for noble succession.

Higher ups on your side want you to hand over the kid, either to use as a bargaining chip/shield or to give him to a different noble house in return for aid. Many of the civilians prisoners in the base are willing to protect their young lord and are worried you plan to execute/marry. The kid's parents are still determined to win, but want their kid back alive.

Word has spread that someone paid top dollar for an elite merc battalion to 'rescue' this kid. It's rumored, though never proven, that the leader of that group is a 'headhunter'.

False Pretenses

Your Military has stumbled upon an ancient enemy probe. While its contents are over a century out of date to be of any tactical use, a stored library covering the probe's purpose and manufacturers reveals a long covered up inheritance scandal between two currently peaceful enemy factions. You want to disrupt the peace and create infighting within the enemy but if you just give it to them, it will be ignored as lies.

Option 1: If they don't know the players have the probe, the players could run an op to plant the evidence on/in a physical location, or by sending it on a plausible course toward the faction victim to the ancient plot.

Option 2: The enemy knows you have the probe. Orchestrate an epic, white knuckle defeat, complete with a false attempt to destroy the evidence. The victorious/victim faction will find the info and also believe the offending faction is in-cahoots with you.

Double down: if the GM decides the probe is a fake, it could be harder to fool the enemy.

Jump Net

An unusual turbulence shakes the ship during jump, you emerge in what appears to be a junkyard, no, a graveyard. The broken remains of dozens if not hundreds of ships drift and swoop around what is clearly not your intended destination. You've got time until you can jump again, might as well have a look around.

As you examine your surroundings a massive hulk seems to loom near one of the planets, a chimera of broken starships pulled together into a space station.

When it comes time to leave, you fire your jump engines but an unusual turbulance shakes the ship as the jump begins and you find yourself right back where you started when the ship arrived in the Graveyard.

Fight or Flight

Your ship is assigned a scouting mission to a sector of space where a recent conflict has occurred between your (clan/faction/government) and the 'enemy'. Upon arrival you discover a debris field and begin searching for survivors and or salvage. Suddenly an 'enemy' ship appears and a chase quickly ensues. Shots are fired, missiles dodged, and tensions mount. Both ships sustain damage, and they eventually lose track of each other. Unable to return home without repairs, you manage to dock alongside the largest and most promising derelict ship. While exploring inside to acquire spare parts, you encounter the 'enemy'. They have found your crippled ship and are now searching hold by hold to find you. The disturbance created by your desperate attempt to flee awakens an alien AI within the ship which treats everyone as hostile. What is the AI's ultimate purpose? Will you and your 'enemy' work together to overcome this new threat? Will anyone escape alive?

BattleTech: Task Force Scorpion

House Davion is starting a new military unit. The players are Mechwarrior candidates attached to the unit. The year is 3023.
The task force has been allocated mechs, two aerospace fighters, and a small dropship. There is also a platoon of infantry that double as gate guards, dismounted patrols, and MPs.
Objectives -
- Make planetfall and establish a base outside the city. Contact authorities in the city.
- Occupy and refit a repair facility on the edge of the city's spaceport.
- Patrol the city and respond to requests for aid.
Encounters -
Personal rivalries. The PCs will mix with with pilots, infantry, and support staff.
One of the Mechwarrior candidates is caught using drugs. This gets everyone in trouble. The source of the drugs is an old friend living in the city.
The lance is shadowed by a civilian vehicle. Somebody is watching them. Why?
A Liao lance appears and attacks the base. Where did it come from?
Learn which sectors of the city have trouble. Set up patrol route


Eager to help expand the domain of humanity, a group of adventurers are dispatched to explore the uncharted territories. Although they think they have been overly equipped for what is a relatively short mission, they discover that illegal settlers already live in the area, which is dense enough in resources to support life independent of the major support networks. The adventurers must decide whether to ally with these illegal settlers, or to do their job and explore the area for annexation by the major powers, essentially acting as forward scouts, whether by subterfuge or aggression. Backup is a long ways off, so every fight could be costly, but the cavalry is coming, so even if they ally with the well equipped illegal colonies, they may be in for a fight with the next group of "explorers" to arrive.

Should work for Battletech or a generic science fiction game.

Family Business

Your younger brother/sister was better than you at almost everything, but you were the first born, so when you came of age, the family mech passed to you. Already your sibling resented the fawning and special treatment the first born had receieved.

Now, they're in a basic house/merc mech, and the two you are on the same planet on duty, but not on the same side, and they've decided, by hook or by crook, they want the family mech, and they are going to get it...

Battletech Football League

Your merc company scored a lucrative contract on a backwater world. When you arrived you found out that you are guarding an MRE factory and that the planet is scarce on resources, tech, and fun. However the contract is for a year and will pay well upon completion. It is obvious that the crew will see no action and the boredom is starting to hurt morale. The crew are big sports fans. Your job is to invent rules for mech football and then run a game. Due to the limited resources of the planet it is important that damage sustained to the mechs during the game is minimal. Good luck!

What have we found?

An archaeological expedition to an inhospitable moon has sent out a message announcing the discovery of an artifact that generates free, unlimited power. The message was intercepted by a rival faction who has dispatched a force to recover the artifact. The group is contracted to get there first and keep it out of enemy hands.

My Three Dads

Clutch is an envoy from the Okoro Group, a league of planets only two generations from its foundation, to the planet Laconia. The Okoroans hold truth to be of supreme religious significance such that deception of any kind is a capital crime. While in a Laconian hospital for a strange disease, Clutch discovers that he is a genetic experiment involving two famous scientists from Laconia and a lab technician who, after stealing his son, was instrumental in the foundation of the Okoro Group. Clutch wishes to defect from the Okoroans, but needs genetic samples of all three fathers to correct a transcription error that will eventually lead to his death. He does not wish to dishonor his Okoroan father, so must tread very carefully in obtaining his sample. The other two fathers are problematic because, as popular public figures, they will not yield their genetic samples without a good reason, and upon learning of the diplomat's origins, will want to go public with their experiment's success.

The Tannhauser Gate

A prototype system defense weapon, has been cleared for testing in an outlying star system, the Tannhauser Gate. When deployed, it would disrupt trade routes and logistical deployments for the whole sector.

A special forces group has been called upon to infiltrate the facility. Unable to rely on sector reinforcements, it is up to the group to get in, and destroy or disable the gate.

MechWarrior: Vengeful History

The players are a green lance of militia on an unimportant backwater world in the 3020s. Unimportant except for the rumors of a pristine Star League weapons cache. A massive pirate force lands to find that cache, driving the players into the wilderness- Where they come across that cache.

The biggest find is a Highlander with a collapsible cup in the cupholder. Assault 'mechs with jump jets, gauss rifles, ferro-fibrous armor, CASE, all intact with supplies and training simulators.

The players train up and launch their attack on the pirates, armed with this LosTech, and absolutely annihilate them, with the pirates especially afraid of the Highlander's gauss rifle. It has the range of a PPC but the pilot is constantly firing without overheating, what the hell is that weapon?

Once the pirates are driven off and peace returns, ComStar swoops in. But are they here to recruit the players, or silence them and their technology?

(This is what the book Ghost of Winter should have

Space Repo

Unless you are the Big Evil Empire it is a simple fact that you will have to buy the equipment, vehicles, and armaments you use. Sometimes that means taking out a loan. Sometimes that loan doesn't get paid back on time. Then the Players get sent out to repossess those things.


A small independent world in the Periphery, run by four powerful noble families. One member of each family is drawn together into the Unified Lance, a symbol of planetary cooperation. However, their largely ceremonial duties are supplanted when one family launches a lightning coup backed by overwhelming offworld military support. The Unified Lance, now the only remaining forces of the original government, are hunted as outlaws. With the only JumpShips in the system under the control of the new government, they have no way to escape and no allies to call on. These four pilots must overcome seemingly impossible odds as well as their own personal disagreements with only the skills they've developed, the friends they can find, and, of course, their Mechs. Their rise, from a band of wanted terrorists to leaders of a coalition army will take them from the slums of a war-torn city to the grand halls of high-stakes negotiation and political intrigue to the fields of desperate Battlemech combat

Broken Bolts

The party gets a call for help from an outlying town/province/settlement. Marauders are attacking the people! Your crew quickly jumps into action, boards their mechs, and heads off to help. As you approach, you realize that some of your weapon systems and defenses are offline. You are burning through fuel at an alarming rate. Someone has ruined your mech! It is not broken completely, but you will be fighting at less than your optimal capacity. Do you continue with the operation? Do you turn back? Who sabotaged your mechs? What is that odd signal coming from headquarters?

a simple move

One of the players is enrolled in a (space) Academy. The rest of the party has agreed to help that player move into residence. The facility is mostly civilian, so no too high security access or secrecy. The enrolled program may be clandestine, that's fine. The gist of the scenario is that it will be a pain to do the move, with environmental struggles and / or combat encounters just to get to the facility. Furthermore, the new roommate will turn out to be weird, smug, and special in some way -- or possibly friendly. It doesn't really matter, but a significant interaction is important.
Once the delivery is complete, and a friendly meal is eaten, the way home for the rest of the party is prevented -- weather, war, or whatever. Then the roommate is discovered murdered. Cue subsequent murder investigation. The headmaster wants to avoid police, but is prepared to throw the first PC under a bus to protect the school. Add in some jealousy between peers, a mad scientist, and spies...


The party is dropped in with their mechs on a world where they must infiltrate an area (any environment you like) to reach a base where they must leave their mechs and enter and find a mainframe that is not hooked up to any "wi-fi" sort of system. It's not "online."

The info the mainframe contains is badly needed. They are unlikely to crack the amazing security systems of the device and it's rigged to blow or melt down or whatever if they try and remove the device itself.

One possible way they can get in is to quickly engineer a virus (or use an existing one someone has) that will blink the data, in binary, from the dozens of LEDs on the mainframe. They can then have the security cameras in the room read the LEDs and re-record the data and store it on a removable storage medium.

Unfortunately that will take some time and will happen at the speed of plot. They must defend the base while that happens and then fight their way back out (or call in the drop ship or whatever.)

Lostech Found?

The PC's Mercenary group gets a tip that money is being funneled to a research facility on the Periphery that's trying to figure out some new piece of Lostech. The job, go in and steal the tech. The catch, the whole facility is just a front to steal money from investors on Solaris VII, it's completely abandoned and run down. The bigger problem, they've been set up to take the fall for the nonexistent tech. The facility has been set to blow to cover up the con but the PC's are in luck someone botched their job and it didn't go off. When they leave they run into the backup cleaning crew and their Mechs. They have to fight their way off of the planet. Then figure out and track down who set them up.

Two Households, Both Alike in Dignity

Year 3042; House Davion and House Kurita were once bitter rivals, which has created deep heartbreak for lovers Alyssa Davion and Kurita Sanoske, rising star mech pilots on the contested border world of Baythal. Neither is from a main branch of their families, but neither Great House can stomach the betrayal.

The lovers planned to escape together, taking their mechs. They have bribed a sympathetic member of the local ComStar forces shelter them in the barracks at the hyperpulse generator until the smuggler's ship they have hired to bring them to the Free Rasalhague Republic arrives. The ship arrived this morning, and now the lovers need to cross the distance between the hyperpulse generator and the city gates, and it's the last chance for their families to stop them.

Each of the family has hired mercenaries to retrieve their own child, and to kill the other.

Ancient robot impregnates you. You like it.

At the site of an ancient wreck, the PCs find a blinking light among the rubble. Upon investigation, a tiny mech unfolds itself from its protective shell, approaches the PCs and runs a scan. It is the last seed of a symbiotic species that grows alongside and integrates with biological entities. Having detected something biological, the mech explodes releasing aerosolized nanobots that make up its rudimentary central AI. Once in the air, the nanobots disperse and attach to everything in the area. They burrow through armor, vac suits, and skin in order to implant into one or more meat critters. Once there, they integrate, grow, and eventually manifest as (1) a new personality inside the hosts and (2) cybernetic enhancements that, given enough time and resources will eventually allow the PCs to grow robotic parts that can be permanent implants and detachable modules culminating in the ability to grow entire, personalized, symbiotic mechs fitting the desires and needs of the PCs.

DM Snouff

The adventure takes place on a backwater planet of no real consequence in the Draconis Combine territory. The PCs have all dome something, real or alleged, that has them stationed here. Planetary communication goes out and the PCS are sent out to investigate the Comm tower/station. They get short range radio communication of Ghost Bear mechs attacking the comm tower/station before the communication cuts out. When they arrive at the community station, all seems well, but they discover, in a hanger, inner sphere mechs painted like ghost bear mechs. The players discover that The Word of Blake has attacked the world to start a war between the Draconis Combine and the Ghost Bears. Can the PCs survive to get a message off-world before the Word of Blake sparks off a war that could leave the Draconis Combine weak and ripe for invasion?

The Hangar Queens

Join a merc company, they said. See the galaxy, they said. So here you all are - noobs, washouts, has-beens, and never-weres - sitting in the dropship's repair bay, playing cards in the company of the hangar queens.

When a 'Mech is too damaged to repair and is good for nothing but spare parts, it's a hangar queen, and Haakon's Hellcats has more of them than any two mercenary companies put together. Jubal Haakon has a reputation for collecting this kind of stuff; he'll take on useless junk anyone else would just melt down or sell for scrap. Maybe there's a metaphor there.

Holy hell, is that the perimeter alarm? Check the status console... wait, something's gotta be wrong, according to this three quarters of the company's 'Mechs have been taken out - and there's a swarm of light 'Mechs approaching the Brick fast! The pilot screams over the comm that you need to buy him some time, as AC/2 rounds start peppering the hull - maybe you can get that large laser over in the corner working

Spring the Mob Doctor!

Walda'as Jaa is a trauma surgeon for the Blackbriar mob working off a Family debt. His dedication to his profession prevents him from harming or killing the nefarious people he treats, but he definitely wants out. Dr. Jaa has managed to send an encoded comunique to your party's benefactor.

In addition to your benefactor being a family friend of the doctor, your benefactor wants the mob medical records to which Dr. Jaa has access, since attempts at open combat against their superior technology has proved fruitless.

You have been tasked with the doctor's extraction.

Sun into Smoke

Humanity is building a Dyson Sphere around our sun.

Homo-centurius, a hand-picked group of forward-thinking humans who control advanced technology and are granted extended life. The aim is for humanity to survive and thrive even beyond their own extended lifetimes and they see the Dyson Sphere, the collateral loss of life, as a necessity.\
They have crafted a home on the surface of the Dyson sphere and harvest celestial traffic for resources.

Sol-idarity, a coalition of civilizations who rely on the energy of the dying sun and oppose the Dyson sphere. They vastly out-number the HC but rely on out-dated technology. The civilizations have cannibalized the resources of their home world and have only recently stopped in-fighting to present a united front against the Dyson sphere's construction.

As the sphere nears completion and conflict rises, a new threat emerges from the void of space. Our ever-darkening star is a beacon of power and humanity must unite or perish.

Pirates of Halfsun

Urlich Halfsun a Colonial Marshal in the New Colony Region has turned pirate. He has effectively taken over the planet of Westerly and is holding Consolidated Copper's workers and dropships hostage. Consolidated Copper wants you to liberate their operations so they can continue conducting operations.

Bad Dudes

The Year is 3039.
Rampant ninja related crimes these days... NAIS is not the exception...First Prince Hanse has been kidnapped by the ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Hanse?".

Long Night

The players awake on a strange ship, with no memory of how they got on it or anything for the last 3 months.

They are then hailed by the nearby space station, asking for help

I did what? With Who?

One of the characters was part of a group that stole a piece of highly guarded technology. To ensure the tech would remain safe until they could use/fence it, they hid it and had their memories altered to remove all trace of the job and the people involved.

They don't know what it is, they don't know where it is and they have no idea they were the ones who stole it. They certainly don't know that they have two other factions (Their old heist buddies and the people they stole the tech from) searching for them and the tech. At least until an old friend is gunned down giving them the first piece of the puzzle.

Deadly Anyway

The party has been tracking down a specific target for sometime for information on an experimental mech. Word comes from a reliable source it's been found. Upon arriving at a mercenary compound, it is immediately quarantined, using any mean necessary to keep those inside from leaving. Contacting the group that owns the mercenary base, they discover that the target the party is looking for has contracted a disease, and is the reason for the quarantine. In addition to this, the target is operating the experimental mech, and is the only person that knows how to operate it. Those in the compound refuse to aid the target unless he/she gives them the mech. The disease the target has is easily spread and is deadly within 24 hours, and the target has already wasted some time. After some time has passed, the target flies into a rage and starts to kill. Mercenary troop responds and tries to occupy the mech. Will the party try to save the target, or try to take the mech for themselves? (N00b DM)

Battle for Gateshead

Resting on the edge of the Draconis March lies Gateshead. Since the fall of the Star League Gateshead is protected by an ancient orbital defense network sparing it the ravages of Succession Wars.

Three hours ago, jump signatures and dropship engine flares were detected, and reconnaissance confirms Kuritan IFF signatures. Kurita secret agents have an eye your defense network, and rumors persist of traitors within your own house. The Succession War has come to Gateshead.

Take on the roles of family members and retainers of House Craven as the prepare for the coming invasion, and the hold of conniving nobles we hunger for your House's throne.

Vengeance Served Cold

(Ode to Church…using Traveller Setting)
Capo 9, a system off the official charts full of pirates and thieves from across the galaxy to come and hide from the law as well as wheel and deal in their lucrative trade.

Torl the Aslan came aboard and demanded a sheet of ship plating. His lion-like features furrowed in anger. Colin, the ship’s mechanic, hand a piece of the heavy alloy that protected the ship from the vacuum of space and enemy fire. Snatching it from the human’s grasp Torl extended his dewclaw and began to etch words of his native tongue on it. Colin could see that the natural weapon of the Aslan was augmented. Nothing but the hardiest tools could scratch ship plating like Torl did on that piece of scrap. The ear piecing scrapes ended with a satisfied look on Torl’s face. The Aslan pick up the tube gun of insta-weld and walked out the ship into the night. Colin’s curiosity made him follow.

The enemy of my enemy…

This plot is devised for space settings (like Battletech) in which humanity is considered to be alone in the known universe. The PCs are hired to obtain a highly mysterious artefact from a jungle on an isolated planet. Several other armed parties are also fighting to get control of the object in question.
No one seems to be certain what the object is but it is rumoured to be genuinely alien. The weird part is that their employer denies the party the aid necessary to overcome the competition and it looks more and more as if he wanted them to fail.
The truth is: their employer faked the alien artefact which contains hints to a giant threat to humankind. He hopes to foster a profitable alliance by presenting this supposed common enemy of all humans. The PCs were only sent to make the fake seem more plausible and the info leaked on purpose. Now the party has to decide whether the possibility of peace is worth their manipulative employer to gain great political power by this scheme.

Pandora's Protocol

LosTech archaeologists talk about a military AI project canceled by the High Council before the fall of Star League. What if I told you it was completed in secret and lost to time immemorial during the Succession Wars? What if I told you House Steiner may have actually found it and plan on switching it on to defeat the Clans?
Now consider this: what if the stories of the “Ares TacNet” were real, and it was in fact the framework for all our current Mech firmware? What if this AI is the grandpappy of all our Mech protocols and it’s had thousands of time-accelerated years to train its knowledge of Mech warfare? And if this AI is older than the Clans, what’s to keep it from infecting our tech as well?
Pandora’s Protocol is an intrigue plot that focuses on the ramifications of unearthing LosTech. Scour the galaxy for bits of the Ares AGI and try to understand its terrible secrets before it’s unleashed on all humanity.


Players: On a backwater planet, near abandoned for decades, a mech of colossal power, with tech far more advanced than most, has been discovered. The only problem is, there is no power to any of it's systems, no apparent power source installed at all. Normally, whoever discovered such a thing would jump at the opportunity to use it themselves, but it was found by a small salvage crew, and they would much rather make a buck. You have been hired, not to take it by force, but to represent a benefactor's interests in a diplomatic negotiation to either buy the entire machine, or pay for shared time to scientists and mechanics of various organizations in your campaign. This is a DIPLOMATIC MISSION, arriving with your mechs would be seen as an undue sign of force.

Game Master: Unfortunately, not everyone agreed. If the negotiations fall through, PCs may be required to make their way to someone else's mech, and fight for the benefactor's claim in an unfamiliar, recently stolen mech.


A ship enters space around a periphery world. The ship turns out to be a sub-light colony ship of migrants fleeing persecution centuries earlier. They've essentially been out of contact with the rest of the inner sphere for the entire time due to technology problems. They intend to land on the planet and establish their colony, regardless of what that planet's current inhabitants say about it. Will your group choose a side in the coming conflict, or will you try to broker a peace?

The Apocalypse Engine

Various alien races battle with the goal of either controlling or destroying earth. Humans (including our PCs) fight back, not wanting to be controlled/destroyed. The ongoing campaign reveals, through enemy communications/research the existence of some sort of "Apocalypse Engine" which is the thin the aliens want to destroy/control. Further research indicates humanity IS the Apocalypse Engine, a force so destructive it will eventually bring an end to existence, and eventually is not as far off as they initially realize as humanity develops weapons of mass destruction for war on a galactic scale. PCs must fight for their home while somehow keeping their leaders from creating/using weapons with destructive capabilities beyond their ken.

The Invading Decay

There is a mysterious fungus infecting mechs and other high technology. This outbreak has caused malfunctions, and has even led to complete loss of functionality after extended exposure. The fungus has been created and released by a small cult devoted to keeping society at low technology levels.

Players will have to track and apprehend this cult with technology at a level roughly equivalent to that found in wide market distribution in 2015 (or any year of the GM's choice). Support from "base" may be offered at level of technology which would be realistically available within 30 years of 2015.

Optional twists:

enemy alliance: join with sworn enemies against the common nuisance.

betrayal: One of the officers who has set the players to hunt this cult is secretly a member of the cult and has been sabotaging certain player efforts.

One Last Roar

Desperate and despondent a dishonored Jade Falcon khan steals away a sizeable force of fellow dishonored clansman. Taking what they need in a series of raids they acquire enough supplies for an attempt to reclaim the honor of the Falcon, the clans and their own lives. In secret and using smuggler jump systems they risked everything and now are a final jump from that blue/green jewel of their past; Terra.
Now fellow warriors it is for the end we all dream. Clan Falcon shall be the first to retake Terra!
(This game can be run from either a smuggler/pirate/mercenary unit accidently stumbling across this invasion fleet; or as the attacking Jade Falcons; or as a WOB/CommStar interception. All with the rest of the galaxy none the wiser!).